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Missing Ivy and Bean

Some of you may know that I performed in "Ivy and Bean" with Bay Area Children's Theatre the musical almost 2 years ago. I actually got to orginate the role of Ivy! I had just begun teaching preschool at the time and was fully immeresed in acting, imagination, and children. In fall of 2014 we got to revamp the show with three of the original cast members!

BACT aims to take kids who like stories and turn them into kids who love reading. We take storybook characters, who kids know and love, and put them on stage for them to see. Ivy and Bean was geared towards early readers- 1st grade, but it ewas a show that shared the experience of theatre with kids of all ages. We had the evil older sister, an epic worm drop which drove kids into hysterics, and most of all the unlikely freidnship that developed between the tomboy and the book nerd.

The show sold out almost every performance, which is something rare in theatre these days. I absouletly loved sharing my passion with youngsters. It was so inspiring when kids would come up to me after the show excited to read and excited to begin performing of their own.

I cannot thank my cast, crew, and BACT enough for this amazing ecperience I got to be a part of twice!

Here is the link for more info:

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