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Lasers in San Jose

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March 2015

I recently had fun starring in a web commerical for a cool new product - "Ishowpin." It's both an app and a device that you use with iphone. It makes presentations super easy. You can use the "ishowpin" as a laser to highlight points on presnetation slides. You use the app to easily control the slides from your phone. I had a super fun role, shhh you'll see the footage soon ;)

I love working in the Bay Area because I get to have a sneak peak into some of the coolest offices in the country. We were shooting at the Pinger offices where they have such cool amenities for thier staff. Us actors got to benefit and drink fresh coffee and enjoy their sunny offices.

The Production Company Guerilla Wanderers were awesome to work with and I met a bunch of awesome people on set! I'm still eagerly awaiting the footage!

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